Body & Weight Loss Clinic

Body  & Weight Loss Clinic

Massage Treatments

Massage has proved to be helpful in reducing pain, improving flexibility and whole body well-being working on deeper areas of specific muscle tension.
Calming, Balancing, Energising and Deeply Relaxing.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage -
Full Body Swedish Massage - €
Full Body Aromatherapy Massage
Full Body Hot Stone Massage -
Hopi Ear Candling with Indian Head Massage -
Bodyraze Spa Brush -

MiniMi Inch Loss Wrap -
The Minimi Wrap is a non invasive body treatment offering a more contoured effect to your body.
The advanced Technology breaks down fat cells resulting in a reduction of fat from the areas being treated to achieve our Inch Loss.
The treatment in total will take approx 1hr.

Does it Work
Yes! Minimi breaks down fatty deposits by non-surgical lipolysis which disrupts and changes the permeability of the fat cell, reducing and moving fatty deposits, offering you an easy way to achieve inch-loss.

How long does a treatment take?
Each minimi treatment takes approximately 60 minutes

Will I see results immediately and will they last?
The amount of fat reduction varies from client to client, but we regularly see losses of up to a dress size at the end of just one treatment. Additional fat reduction can be seen for up to 72 hours after the treatment.

How does the treatment feel?
Stimulating, Uplifting, Relaxing & Warming

What about Cellulite?
The advanced anti-cellulite ingredient, combined with the active inch-loss ingredient, reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Is the inch loss permanent?
Yes, if combined with exercise and a healthy eating plan.

How many sessions?
This depends on the clients desired needs. For optimum results, a course of six is recommended with a maintenance treatment once or twice a year.
Inch Loss Machine - €199 per Course
Our Body Toning Unit uses an Interrupted current to create physical stimulation and contraction to muscle groups to re-educate muscle tone and in turn firm up the contours of the body.

Our Weight Management Clinic offers our clients a 10 Week Programme consisting of weekly Weigh In's along with support and diet and exercise advice - €90